Sinwan S109AP-11-1 Fan 120x38mm 115V Ball Bearing 105 CFM 100-120 VAC *NEW*

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Surplus from a bulk purchase, we've been installing these fans to cool outdoor telecommunication enclosures with great success.
These are very powerful fans. They'll take a chunk out of your finger if you're not careful.
Using 115VAC 60hz it spins at 3000 RPM, moves 105 CFM, and makes 42db of noise.

Measurements (see photo of drawing):
  • 120mm (4.71") square x 38.5mm (1.5") thick
  • Center of mounting holes are 104.8mm (4.13") apart.
  • Holes are 4.2mm (0.17") and will accept a 1/8" screw
The specs from the SINWAN SITE:
  • Model: S109AP-11-1
  • Rated Volt: 115
  • Voltage Range: 100-120
  • Hz: 50/60
  • Input Power Watt: 17-15 (50hz/60hz)
  • Speed: 2650/3000 (50hz/60hz)
  • CFM: 90/105 (50hz/60hz)

  Motor Type: Shaded pole induction, inner rotor, 1-phase
  Burnout Protection: Impedance protected
  IP Protection: -
  Frame: Aluminum die cast, black(S109AP)
  Impeller: 5 blades, glass fiber reinforced plastic, rated UL94V-0
  Bearing: Two ball bearings. or sleeve bearings
  Rotation: CCW seen on rotor
  Connection: Wire leads, terminal flat pin
  Weight: 550 g (1.2 Lbs)
  Dielectric Strength: Over 1 1,500 VAC, 0.5mA, 50/60 Hz
  Insulation Resistance: Over 100 M\u03a9 at DC 500V
  Signal Output: tachometer F/G
  Operating Temp: Non-condensing ball bearing (-20C~+70C), sleeve (-10~+40C)
  Storage Temp: -40C~+100C (at 65%RH)
  Life Expectancy: ball bearing 80K hours at 45C, 50K hours at 60C